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Open Meets - "B" Meets

Open meets are competitive swim meets that are open to all WGST swimmers. Each swimmer must sign up by 10am Tuesday morning. Talk to Sean in emergencies of if you have any questions.

“B” Meets

B Meets or Wednesday evening meets, are open to all WGST swimmers as an opportunity to participate in formal swim meet and develop their competitive strokes. These meets are less formal than “A” meets, but with the same team, fun and competitive elements. Although these meets are not MCSL-sanctioned, they are conducted to the same standards as an MCSL meet.

Unlike A Meets, coaches, swimmers and their parents decide which events to enter. A swimmer may swim the individual medley plus up to three additional strokes. A swimmer who swam a particular event in the proceeding “A” meet many not sign up for that event at the B Meet.

Sign-ups are done online through Swimtopia on the Woodleywaves.org website.

More information about B Meets:

  • Swimmers should be able to swim the stroke legally before signing up for that event. If in doubt, ask the coaches.
  • Meets start at 5:30 or 6pm. Please check the schedule each week for start times.
  • Swimmers arrive at either 4:30 or 5pm for home meets, depending on the schedule. They arrive as directed by the coach for away meets.
  • B Meets usually last around 3-4 hours
  • Events are identical to those in the A Meets except there are no relays
  • There are unlimited heats in B Meets, so everyone can swim the events they choose
  • Evening meets are more prone to cancellation due to thunder/lightening
  • Warm clothing and an extra towel are good ideas – it can get cool in the evening, even in July!
  • B Meet times are considered in formulating upcoming A Meet and Divisional lineups
  • B Meet times may not be used to achieve entry into the MCSL All-Star Meet or Coaches’ Longcourse Meet, or provide seed times for Divisionals

Disqualifications. As in an MCSL meet, any swimmer who performs an illegal stroke or turn in a B Meet will be disqualified from the event. The coaches will inform the swimmer of the reason for the disqualification and work with the swimmer to correct the issue. DQs can be upsetting, but DQs are a normal learning experience that helps the swimmer improve.

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