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Other Meets

Division Relay Carnival

Relay Carnival is an MCSL meet comprised entirely of relay races involving all of the division teams. There are numerous different formats (freestyle, medley, mixed age, mixed gender, etc.) WGST enters one team for each event. This event creates a cheering frenzy unlike any other, and should not be missed! The Relay Carnival roster is determined by the coaches and posted by the Friday prior to the meet. 

Division Championship

The Divisional Championship, which occurs the Saturday after the final A Meet, includes all six divisional teams. The teams swim the same events as in the A Meets. Each team in the division is allowed to enter two swimmers per event and one relay team per relay event.

The lineup for Divisionals is determined by the coaches and will be posted outside the coaches’ office by the Sunday before Divisionals.

A swimmer may compete in a maximum of five events, but not all four individual stroke events.

To be eligible to swim at Divisionals, a swimmer must have competed in at least one A Meet during the current season. Swimmers may compete in events they have not swum at an A Meet, but will be entered as NT (no time) for seeding purposes.

Divisionals are held the Saturday after the last dual meet.

MCSL Coaches Invitational Longcourse Championship

Held midway through the season at the Rockville Municipal Swim Center (RMSC), the eight fastest swimmers in the county in each age group compete against each other, swimming each event at double the distance of a regular meet (hence “Long Course”).

MCSL All-Star Relay Meet

This meet is held the Saturday after Divisionals at Rockville. The team from each Division that has achieved the top time in each relay event (at the Divisional Relay Carnival meets or during A Meets or Divisionals) (plus one wildcard in certain years) is invited to compete, plus two alternates.

MCSL Individual All-Star Meet

This championship meet is held the Sunday after Divisionals at Rockville. Swimmers who achieve an All-Star nominating time in a given event are ranked based on their best time in A Meets and Divisionals in the current season. The top 16 swimmers plus three alternates from the 91 MCSL teams are invited to compete in each event. Swimmers are limited to two events.

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