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The Woodley Gardens Swim Team relies on our parent volunteers to make our season happen. This is essentially an all-volunteer endeavor and all of our parents are volunteers.

You can choose from many volunteer opportunities – from flipping burgers at home meets to judging flip turns, or timing, recording results or preparing ribbons. You can also help with the “off deck” and social events that make our swim team experience so memorable and enjoyable for our kids.

Sign-ups are done online on the woodleywaves.org website and point allocations are annotated next to each job.

Each family is expected, at a minimum, to have accumulated 10 points by doing various jobs throughout the season. Each family is also expected to make a drink donation for home meets in which your child/children are swimming. Beverage assignments based on last-name will be sent via email prior to each home meet. Please note bringing beverages is not considered a job.

Sometimes the thought of more “volunteering” is daunting, but being part of the parent crew is fun, social, and worthwhile! If you’re not sure how to jump in, our veteran volunteers and board members are happy to get you started!

Here are some of the volunteers needed at each A and B swim meet:

Concession Support Food preparation, concession sales, shopping, set up and clean up
Timer Standing at the pool and operating stop watch, recording time
Head Timer Oversees timers, including running spare watches and instructing timers to clear watches before each race. Must have been timer prior to Head timer position
Automation / Computer Operation Preparing entries, timing sheets, and meet programs (before meet); entering data into computer, printing and posting result reports (at meet)
Ribbon Writing Attaching pre-printed labels to appropriate ribbons that are given to swimmers
Clerk of Course Lining up swimmers to send them to the start of races
Runner Picks up timers’ sheets and gives them to the automation specialist
Announcer Announces the races and swimmers

In addition – at each meet we are required to provide the following MCSL certified officials:

Starter (Away Meets) Operates the Colorado starter to start the swimmers in each race and judges false starts
Stroke and Turn Judge (2) Watches swimmers to ensure all are using legal strokes and turns
Referee (Home Meets) Generally runs the meets, supervises and reviews disqualifications

Parent Meeting June 12

*Directly following time trials, there will be a parent meeting to discuss pertinent information about the upcoming season and it will be a chance to ask any questions you may.

**A list of available “off deck” jobs will be posted on the woodleywaves.org website under the tab “Volunteer Opportunities”.  There are so many ways to earn the necessary points for your family - there really is a job for everyone!**

Certified Officials

We need more officials!! To become a certified MCSL official, you need only attend one free MCSL training session.

Below is the 2021 clinic schedule, which can also be found at http://mcsl.org/officials.aspx

Clinics run approximately three hours (the clinic for new stroke and turn judges run approximately 3 hours 15 mins)

Once you are certified, we will ensure you have ample opportunity to learn the ropes, shadow more experienced officials, and generally get comfortable with your role.

Three good reasons to be certified for an official position:

  • 1.The team needs you! We must have a certain number of certified officials at each meet or we cannot run a meet.
  • 2.You will learn swim skills and information about meets that will allow you to help your child become a better swimmer. (Imagine knowing more than your kid!)
  • 3.You will have the best “seat” in the house!
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